philosophy. political economy. art. religion.

I am currently a researcher in political economy at the University of Sydney.

My field of expertise is quite interdisciplinary, covering philosophy, critical political economy, political and philosophical ecology, critical finance, film theory, post- and meta-modernism, psychoanalytic theory, philosophy of religion, and world religions.



Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy:

• The World Does Not Exist: What this Means and Why This Matters

• Sartre’s Critique: The Dialectical Logic of Existential Marxism

University of Sydney:

• Anthropology in the World

• The Social Foundations of Modern Capitalism

• International Economy and Finance

University of Dundee:

• Descartes Thought and Reality (Ontology and Metaphysics)

• Plato and the Good Life (Ethics)


Canada Council for the Arts, 2018

Toronto Arts Council, 2018

University of Dundee Essay Award

Scottish Overseas Research Award Scheme

conference presentations

“The Serial Logic of Financial Speculation: Time and Enclosure.” Intersections of Finance and Society Conference. City, University of London, December 2019

Invited Speaker

“The Social Demand of Commodities.” University of West England, March 2017

Invited Speaker

“Toward a Hypo-Logic Reading of Sartre’s Critique of Dialectical Reason.” North American Sartre Society. UNC-Wilmington, November 2016

Invited Speaker

“The Logic of Rebirth in Sartre’s Critique of Dialectical Reason.” Rebirth. University of Dundee, May 2016

Invited Speaker

“From Fragile to Plastique: Confronting the Culture of Music and Affect.” University of California San Diego, April 2015

Invited Speaker

“Excessive Scarcity: Deleuze, Sartre, and the Conditions for Thinking the Beyond.” Thinking the Absolute. Liverpool Hope University, June/July 2012

Invited Speaker

“Imagining and New Social Theory.” University of Dundee, March 2012

Invited Speaker

“Becoming L’homme Imaginaire: The Role of the Imagination in Overcoming Circularity in Sartre’s Critique of Dialectical Reason.” North American Sartre Society. Teluq, Montreal, April 2011

Invited Speaker

“Communized Praxis and Productive Mythology.” University of Dundee, November 2010

Invited Speaker

“The Beyond in our Midst: Sartre’s Robust Materialism as a Root of Revolution.” Real Objects of Material Subjects? University of Dundee, March 2010

Invited Speaker

“Latour, Harman, and Metaphysics.” Speculative Realism Workshop, Nottingham-Trent University, February 2010

Invited Speaker